Wedding Season

Single Panel Card, Front and Back
Folded Card, Front and Inside

Just in from a road trip up the East Coast. When you've known someone since 
the good ol' days of recess and snack time, you make sure you're there to 
celebrate in their wedding festivities - regardless of travel time (about 30 hours 
spent in the car in the last 72 hours...).

The past few weeks, months really, have been filled with friends, and love…
and friends in love. For my lovely friends, I adorn their gifts with 
personalized cards. Though simple, it's a great way to let them know 
you are honored to take part in the celebration of their 
special day. (Unfortunately, in all of the excitement of both 
family and friends reunions, I missed out on snapping a photo of the cards! 
The virtual versions will have to do for now...)


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