New Look: Lindsey Lou

Lindsey Lou wants a new look. 

Old Logo

What I was hoping to accomplish was a new… and-grown-up-and-classy-but-still-true-to-Lindsey's-chic-femme-style...look. Using one of the original colors and similar elements from her old logo, I tried to create something sophisticated, but still girly. Something that was true to Lindsey, but new, fresh, and modern. Thus the "beaded" logo was born:

New Logo

Lindsey Lou has since branched out from her jewelry business to also include monogrammed pieces as well. To view the logo in its natural habitat and purchase all things Lindsey Lou, visit: www.lindseyloudesigns.com.


Wedding Invitations

Invitation time was fast approaching. When Brenda sent her ideas to a mutual friend, Alicia couldn't resist enlisting some help to make sure Brenda's invitations were hi-res and ready to print! The invitations are currently in production along with directions, accommodations, and R.S.V.P. cards. The finished product will be posted in the coming weeks!

Here's a sneak peak at the goods:


Inspired by...

Levi's Bandana Design Contest! 

Maybe you've sported one around the garden or backyard, to a music festival, as part of a Halloween costume, to show support for your favorite team - maybe you've wrapped one around your pet at one time or another. A headband. A sweat band. And "in Victorian times, as a means of flirtation."  That familiar navy square with white paisley adornment is the inspiration for Levi's latest design contest as part of a fantastic Workshop collection.

Recently I submitted "Graphite Fields Forever" which has jumped from Rank 176 to Rank 79!

Join the fun and enter your designs at Levi's Bandana Bonanza!
From the Levi's design site for the Bonanza: 
"Call it a bandana. Call it a handkerchief, square or rag. Call it whatever you want, just know that these simple yet versatile objects are necessary accoutrements for anyone interested in putting in an honest day's labor because, friends, that sweat ain't going to wipe itself off. Much like a great pair of jeans, its form and function was perfected early on, and so far no one has managed to design something better. Can you?"

We can try! I plan to submit a few more designs later today, take a look:


Fun with Itineraries

When friends and family come to visit, I can't resist a good itinerary. 
The itinerary can excite, intrigue, and even, humor the future followers.
(Click on the images for a closer look!)
Wedding Weekend Itinerary

An Atlanta Visit Itinerary

Sometimes visitors are not the only reason for an itinerary....

Birthday Bike Tour Itinerary


Three Little Birds

three little birds blog header

"Three Little Birds", Bob Marley sings, "pitch by my doorstep. 
Singing, every little thing, is gonna be all right."
Sometimes, little birds need reassurance that 'every little thing is gonna be all right' and thus a blog was born. The idea is for friends who are separated by distance to have a place to post goals and fears, accomplishments and failures; to ask questions, to answer questions, to ask for advice, to give advice; and to track each others, and their own, progress in their journeys of life, health, and the pursuit (and possessing) of happiness.

Today is definitely one of those days when I need a little reminder that... 


Producing Lacrosse Balls: STURLAX

Designing is oft an art of simplifying a complex idea. How do you fit 
the-sport-with-you-as-you-coach-and-learn-too? Well, you combine the last name-nickname of all three of us, with the "nickname" of the sport of lacrosse to create a new sport: SturLAX. 

The Finished Product: Personalized Lacrosse Balls

Simple, Straight-forward


New Look: a.m. jewels

 Business Cards
Custom Order Form: Weddings
Custom Order Form

a.m. jewels was looking to evolve her look - a.m. jewels, version 2, if you will.
Her first jewelry show was upcoming, and she was in need of business cards,
order forms, and display cards. We produced a glitzy, grassy look. Nevertheless, 
we are ever-evolving beings and designers, so stay tuned for her latest re-vamp - 
a.m. v.3?

In the meantime, check out a.m. jewels on etsy! Handmade couture jewelry that is
created with soul, heart, artistry, and a true talent for jewelry making.

At the show!


Wedding Season

Single Panel Card, Front and Back
Folded Card, Front and Inside

Just in from a road trip up the East Coast. When you've known someone since 
the good ol' days of recess and snack time, you make sure you're there to 
celebrate in their wedding festivities - regardless of travel time (about 30 hours 
spent in the car in the last 72 hours...).

The past few weeks, months really, have been filled with friends, and love…
and friends in love. For my lovely friends, I adorn their gifts with 
personalized cards. Though simple, it's a great way to let them know 
you are honored to take part in the celebration of their 
special day. (Unfortunately, in all of the excitement of both 
family and friends reunions, I missed out on snapping a photo of the cards! 
The virtual versions will have to do for now...)


Tap Tap Tap

Tapping The Keys Sticker

I work for an ad agency on the production side of the business. 
When you deal in mass quantities of ads, proofing the 
lot of them can only be supplemented  with an Electric Feel. 
MGMT keeps the foot tapping and the mouse clicking, as the keyboard 
taps endlessly to end of the work day. 

In honor of motivating music, Techno Thursday was born. 
(Because Music That Motivates And/Or Has A Great Beat Thursdays, 
didn't have that same ring to it...)
What music gets you through tough work days?

*Inspiration from a photo in Samuel Shelley's flickr stream. 
"Electric Feel" font, as it is coincidentally named, was downloaded from dafont.com*


August Calendar

August Calendar
I use the embarkation into a new month to spark inspiration for design. 
The seemingly endless heat has me thinking Summer may 
never hand over its weather-reigns to the Fall.

August for nearly all of our youths, marks the end of lazy days in the sun, 
of running free with friends, and, of course, the annual inevitable
transition back to education and into (my favorite season) the Fall.

It is to reach a rough 97 degrees, with 90% humidity today. 
Is there any sign of Fall where you live?