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Levi's Bandana Design Contest! 

Maybe you've sported one around the garden or backyard, to a music festival, as part of a Halloween costume, to show support for your favorite team - maybe you've wrapped one around your pet at one time or another. A headband. A sweat band. And "in Victorian times, as a means of flirtation."  That familiar navy square with white paisley adornment is the inspiration for Levi's latest design contest as part of a fantastic Workshop collection.

Recently I submitted "Graphite Fields Forever" which has jumped from Rank 176 to Rank 79!

Join the fun and enter your designs at Levi's Bandana Bonanza!
From the Levi's design site for the Bonanza: 
"Call it a bandana. Call it a handkerchief, square or rag. Call it whatever you want, just know that these simple yet versatile objects are necessary accoutrements for anyone interested in putting in an honest day's labor because, friends, that sweat ain't going to wipe itself off. Much like a great pair of jeans, its form and function was perfected early on, and so far no one has managed to design something better. Can you?"

We can try! I plan to submit a few more designs later today, take a look:


Parker said...

I'll vote for you! What cool and original bandana designs?

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