Birthday Wishes from across the U.S.

Weezer, Queen, even 50 Cent, have songs about "Best Friends." Across years, across miles, nothing trumps that person who is unconditionally there with support, laughter, advice, and love. 

Living in multiple cities across the U.S., Jessie's friends created a plan to send her 30 gifts for her 30th birthday. Each gift would represent something special about Jessie - as a person, as a friend, or Jessie's favorite things, or a few inside jokes among the group. And what gift is complete without a gift tag?

Jessie is a spunky, fun-loving, down-to-earth girl complete with a sassy blue streak in her hair. She also loves bougainvilleas - a beautiful flower that blooms across most of South America (thank you, wiki). These quirks and characteristics are what inspired the designs. 

I created various gift tags, suggesting use of one design throughout the gift gallery. I also left space to write a note or birthday wish from each friend along the way. Would you attach them to your gifts?


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